To be at the top of your game requires your body to be in peak physical condition.

Official Sports Services has a team of massage therapists and physios who have helped professional sportspeople around the world to achieve this. See what they have to say about the service received from our team below.

Official Sports Services are an essential part of our long term planning for all of our major Motorsport events. Alice and her team have the ability to provide qualified staff anywhere in the World.

They work discreetly and always with a positive attitude even when working through the night at a 24 hour race. Our race drivers are better prepared, and have back up after a race to keep them consistently in the best shape possible.

We would recommend any serious professional or sports business to combine Official Sports Services with their sporting events.

Zak Brown, Co-founder and driver, United Autosports
United Autosports

Alice is a valuable part of our professional Motorsports race team. In the same way our trained engineers look after the race cars for 24 hours, Official Sports Services staff prepares and maintains fitness levels and contains injuries to ensure peak performance of the drivers and staff.

Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of LNT group and winning driver of the Le Mans 24 hours GT2 class, 2006,
Lawrence Tomlinson

Huge thank you to our sports therapist Ann-Marie from Official Sports Services for the amazing care over the last few days at Le Mans 24hr, brilliant support!

Karun Chandhok, Racing Driver, Tockwith Motorsports
Karun Chandhok